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“Best neurosurgery IMCU in the country” – Dr. David Clarke

Archie Stewart

A new Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) at the QEII’s Halifax Infirmary means fewer surgery postponements, more efficient use of resources, and improved infection control and privacy for patients.

Dr. David Clarke, Chief of Neurosurgery, explains. “Most neurosurgeries take about four hours and patients require intense monitoring for the first 24 hours afterward. Prior to the IMCU renovation, our main struggle was to get patients from the operating room (OR) to the IMCU.”

The new unit opened to patients Dec. 1, 2016. Before the renovation, if an IMCU bed wasn’t available surgeries would have to be postponed, often being moved to an evening or weekend. This resulted in a delay for the patient, as well as the additional expense of overtime hours for OR staff.

“The new IMCU has made a tremendous difference in how we’re running things,” said Clarke. Comparing January, February and March 2017 results to the same period in 2016 reveals a five per cent increase in surgeries completed and a 12 per cent decrease in evening and weekend surgeries.

In addition to providing surgery in a more timely way and using resources more efficiently, the new IMCU offers increased privacy – with only one patient per room instead of four – and improved infection control.

”Because of the support of the QEII Foundation and NSHA, we now have the best neurosurgery IMCU in the country – combined with a great team, we are able to provide the best in neurosurgical patient care for the people of Nova Scotia.”