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Working with Employees, Physicians, Learners and Volunteers

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Our workforce – paid and volunteer – is our richest resource. That’s why it’s so important that we work together to protect the safety of our employees and create a supportive and positive work environment.

Hearing from employees, physicians, learners and volunteers

In preparation for Accreditation in October 2017, NSHA invited staff and physicians to complete the Accreditation Canada Work Life Pulse survey.

In total, 65.8 per cent of staff and physicians responded positively to questions relating to workplace satisfaction. Respondents indicated positive and respectful coworker relationships; a focus on workplace health and safety; job clarity, autonomy and ability; and confidence in the quality of care and service their work area provides. Staff indicated they would like to see greater feedback on performance, as well as more opportunities for training, professional development and engagement. Staff and physicians expressed a willingness to participate in building our organization, and see the benefit of services and processes being standardized. However, many did not feel fully informed of changes and expressed concerns with the uncertainty they were feeling.

We are responding by working with our leaders and staff to develop action plans that address areas needing improvement. We know our physicians and employees want to be better engaged in our collective work and we are working on strategies to engage our people, provide leadership development, enhance performance planning feedback, and clarify roles. We are also working to promote health and wellness in the workplace. We have joined the Excellence Canada certification program to achieve excellence, innovation and wellness.