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Working with Others for a Sustainable Future

Focus on Sustainability - A powerful partnership: Efficiency One and Nova Scotia Health Authority connect on savings, sustainability

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Sparks happen when Nova Scotians work together. So do savings, in both energy and economic efficiencies.

Efficiency One has been working with the province’s health care sector for the past five years, initially through the former Capital District Health Authority, and this positive and powerful partnership is set to continue and expand with the formation of Nova Scotia Health Authority.

In fact, the 2016-17 fiscal year marks the start of a new three-year deal between NSHA and Efficiency One that will prepare the province’s health care facilities for an environmentally and financially sustainable future.

“We all have the power to use energy differently; sometimes we just need help identifying it,” Efficiency Nova Scotia spokeswoman Amelia Warren says of how this teamwork is helping the provincial health care sector realize its power potential.

“For the past five years, our experts have worked with the staff in Nova Scotia’s health care facilities to make energy saving opportunities a reality,” she says. “It’s paying off in reduced operating costs and more modern, sustainable buildings.”

One of the latest Efficiency One initiatives is the recent installation of more than 20,000 four-foot LED tubes in NSHA facilities across the province in 2016-17. Each single tube is expected to result in about $10 in savings on average electricity costs annually, which ultimately means more money for patient care.

From pump replacements and HVAC controls to replacing night lights on the bottom of patient beds with LEDs, projects of all sizes are being rolled out across the province, with the smallest of sustainable steps resulting in big savings when it comes to electricity, gas, oil and water use across the health authority.

Compressor replacements, boiler plant controls, water recycling, as well as insulation and steam trap replacements are some other examples of how NSHA and Efficiency One are working together.

“We’re extremely proud to continue that work,” Warren says.

Efficiency One is hoping to help NSHA reduce electricity use by an additional two gigawatt hours (one billion watt hours) within the first year of this latest multi-year contract.

Check out efficiencyone.ca to learn more about Efficiency One.