1. Person-Centred, High-Quality, Safe and Sustainable Health and Wellness for Nova Scotians

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Working with others for a sustainable future

Living within our means to achieve sustainability

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To achieve our vision of healthy people, healthy communities – for generations, we must remain ever mindful of sustainability. Our focus on sustainability includes finances, infrastructure and the environment. We know that our choices today will shape our province’s health system – and health – tomorrow.

Our focus is always to manage our resources in a way that allows us to deliver sustainable, safe and quality care.

Our financial challenges were many in 2016-17. We experienced an increased demand for services while we continued to realign and restructure operations. We performed 1.7 per cent more surgeries, saw an increase of 1.4 per cent in emergency department and outpatient visits compared to last year and invested resources to manage and minimize a measles outbreak.

Despite continued investments, our aging infrastructure continues to be a challenge.

To address long-term sustainability, the organization:

  • · worked closely with our partners to achieve continued price savings in purchasing resulting from renegotiation of contracts, standardization of products and bulk purchasing;
  • · adjusted scheduling practices and staffing models to create increased capacity within current resources;
  • · continued to standardize our rates for uninsured services, resulting in increased revenues.

You can view financial highlights here.