Nova Scotia Health Authority By The Numbers 2016-17

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Our People

Employees (unionized and non-unionized): 23,400+
Active physicians in Nova Scotia*: 2,640
   Physicians with a registered specialty (not family medicine): 1,385
   Physicians whose registered specialty is family medicine: 844
   Physicians without a registered specialty: 411
Medical residents in a training program: 588
Learners: 5,200
Volunteers: 7,000

Our Places

Speciality Hospital: 1
Regional Hospitals: 8
Community and other locations (clinical, support and administrative): approx. 135
Collaborative Emergency Centres: 8

Our Resources

Annual Budget: $ 2.06 billion

Foundations and Auxiliaries

Foundations: 41
Auxiliaries: 33

Care Delivery

Beds: 3,503
Inpatient days: 1,041,939
Patients seen from out of province: 34,807
Emergency visits: 574,181
Operating room surgeries: 71,905
Births (at NSHA facilities): 3,686
Average length of stay in hospital (acute): 9.5 days
Outpatient visits: 3,643,126
Diagnostic imaging exams: 1,052,868
Lab tests: 16,874,728

Cancer Care

Nova Scotians who had pre-cancers removed as result of colon cancer home screening test: 772
Number of cancer patients who received palliative support at home from a paramedic: 749
Number of public/patient advisors involved in cancer system improvement: 1,149

Continuing Care

Home care clients: 29,067
Hours of home support delivered to Continuing Care clients: 3,098,828
Number of in-home nursing visits: 1,003,492
People placed in long-term care facilities: 3,225

Public Health

Number of families participating in the enhanced home visiting program: 914
Number of children receiving vision screening before entering school (2016 calendar year): 7,527
Number of schools participating in the Flouride Mouth Rinse Program: 138


Active research projects: 1,278
New research projects: 370
Annual research revenue from industry, national and provincial funding agencies and foundations: $27 million
Number of interdisciplinary research projects: 126
Number of interdisciplinary and practice projects focused on patient outcomes: 101

Community Health Boards

Community health boards: 37
Number of wellness funds supported through community health boards: 577