Nova Scotia Health Authority provides health services for the population of Nova Scotia and some specialized services to residents of Atlantic Canada. We work alongside the IWK Health Centre, which provides care to women, children, youth and families in the Maritime provinces and beyond. The following numbers will give you a sense of the breadth and scope of Nova Scotia Health Authority’s work, which we do in service of healthy people, healthy communities – for generations.

Employees (unionized and non-unionized): 23,400+
Licensed physicians in Nova Scotia*: 3,204
   Physicians with a registered specialty (not family medicine): 1,430
   Physicians whose registered specialty is family medicine: 794
   Physicians without a registered specialty: 464
   Medical residents in a training program: 516
Learners: 5,500+
Volunteers: 7,000
Annual budget: $2.07 billion
Specialty hospital: 1
Regional hospitals: 9
Community and other locations (clinical, support and administrative): approx. 135
Collaborative Emergency Centres: 8
Foundations: 41
Auxiliaries: 33
Community health boards: 37
Beds: 3,198
Inpatient days: 1,033,227
Patients referred from out of province: 62,116
Emergency visits: 561,516
Operating room surgeries: 70,696
Births (at NSHA facilities): 3,754
Average length of stay in hospital (acute): 8.3 days
Outpatient visits: 3,593,615
Diagnostic imaging exams: 1,018,735
Lab tests: 18,484,194
Hours of home support delivered to Continuing Care clients: 3,170,907
People placed in long-term care facilities: 3,106
Births screened by Public Health to determine if additional support needed: 7,137
Active research projects: 1,231
Number of wellness funds supported through community health boards: 436

*College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Health Authority Provincial Office, 90 Lovett Lake Court, Suite 201
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3S 0H6
  • Telephone: 1-844-491-5890