About Maternal and Child Health Services

Maternal and Child Health Services (MatChild) Units provide health care and social resources to mothers, their newborn babies, children and young people. The services focus on prenatal care, obstetrical care, midwife-led care, labour and delivery, neonatal intensive care, postnatal care and pediatric care of infants and children up to 19 years of age depending on the care provider and facility. 
Other maternity and child services offered at clinics across the province may include but, are not limited to:
  • Antenatal Assessment Clinic 
  • Biophysical Profile Clinic 
  • Breastfeeding Clinic
  • Family Wellness Care 
  • New Mother’s Resource Clinic 
  • Nurse Practitioner Clinic 
  • Obstetrical Prenatal Clinic 
  • Open Arm's Clinic
  • Pediatric Ambulatory Care Clinic 
  • Pediatric Blood Work Clinic 
  • Postpartum Assessment  Clinic
  • Prenatal Clinic
  • Well Women Clinic
  • WinRho Clinic
If you are an expectant mother and do not have a family doctor, please visit our Prenatal Clinics page.