Executive Search Advisory Committee

Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) President and CEO recruitment process is being led by a Executive Search Advisory Committee which was established by the NSHA Board of Directors.

The purpose of this site is to provide physicians, employees, volunteers, learners, families and communities with information on the search process.

Members of the committee are:

    •    Frank van Schaayk, Chair, NSHA Board of Directors and Chair, President and CEO Executive Search Advisory Committee
    •    George Unsworth, Member and Vice Chair, NSHA Board of Directors 
    •    Colin Copp, Member, NSHA Board of Directors
    •    Dr. Cindy Forbes, Member, NSHA Board of Directors
    •    Dr. Louise Cloutier, Member, NSHA Board of Directors
    •    John Rogers, Member, NSHA Board of Directors
    •    Dr. Thomas Marrie, Deputy Minister, Department of Health and Wellness
    •    Dr. Stephanie Langley, Family Physician, Sydney
    •    Dr. Simon Jackson, Specialist, QEII Health Sciences Centre, NSHA and Dalhousie University
    •    Mark Surrette, Entrepreneur and businessman
    •    Don Bureaux, President, NSCC
    •    April Howe, Executive Director, People & Culture Division, Nova Scotia Public Service Commission
    •    Susan Stevens, Senior Director, Continuing Care, NSHA
    •    Dr. Gail Tomblin-Murphy, Vice President, Research and Innovation, NSHA
    •    Carmelle d’Entremont, Vice President, People and Organizational Development, NSHA