Check Up with Dr. Carr is a podcast hosted by Dr. Brendan Carr, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Health. Join Brendan for conversations with the people that shape health care in Nova Scotia and beyond.  



The Nova Scotia Brotherhood is an innovative part of the Nova Scotia Health system that helps provide health services and advice tailored for African Nova Scotian men. Today Brendan welcomes Mario Rolle (Team Lead, Nova Scotia Brotherhood) to talk about the challenges and barriers to healthcare for black men in Nova Scotia and what we can do to change it.

How do you measure a great career? Is it the positive changes you helped to accomplish? The people whose lives you impacted in a positive way? Or the people who have impacted you? For Dr. Drew Bethune, recently retired medical lead of the provincial cancer program, it is all of the above and more. Today Drew sits down with Brendan to reflect on his incredible career and what he sees in the future for healthcare in Nova Scotia.

Transcript available here

Keeping healthcare workers safe, healthy and on the job has been an important focus throughout the pandemic. Today Brendan welcomes Angela Keenan (Provincial Director Occupational Health Safety & Wellness) and Shelly McNeil (Chief of Infectious Diseases, Central Zone) to talk about how they’re dealing with the challenges and opportunities working through the vaccine rollout for Nova Scotia Health staff and physicians.

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If you had asked the average person what an epidemiologist was a year ago, few would even hazard a guess. Today you probably know an 'armchair epidemiologist' who studies the numbers as a hobby. In the latest episode of "Check Up with Dr. Carr" Brendan welcomes real-life epidemiologist Angie Mullen to talk about her new-found love of bbq, the pressure that the pandemic has placed on her profession and why the vaccine might not be the cure-all the world is hoping for.

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On the heels of two new interventional radiology suites opening at the QEII in Halifax Brendan sits down with Vicki Sorhaindo (Manager of Interventional Radiology, Nova Scotia Health) to discuss how it will lead to less invasive procedures, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times for Nova Scotians.

If you are one of the many Nova Scotians trying to find a primary care provider, you know how important it is for us to attract and retain doctors. Today Brendan sits down with Katrina Philopoulos (Director of Physician Recruitment for Nova Scotia Health) to talk about how we find and keep doctors in Nova Scotia, puppies and why it's all Greek to her.

Nova Scotia has recently introduced a new type of health care provider to complement the work of physicians as part of a pilot program to evaluate the role and increase access to hip and knee joint replacement surgeries. Today Brendan welcomes Erin Sephton (Physician Assistant, Nova Scotia Health Authority) to talk about her journey from paramedic to the relatively new role of Physician Assistant.

“Public Engagement” is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in recent years, but what does it really mean? Today Brendan sits down with Nova Scotia Health’s Director of Community Engagement and Community Health Board Support, Geoff Wilson to learn how we try to get our finger on the pulse of what Nova Scotians really want from their healthcare system.

2020 has been a year of grief and loss, especially here in Nova Scotia. Where do we begin to start the healing process? Today Brendan speaks to Serena Lewis (Bereavement, Grief, and Wellness Coordinator for Nova Scotia Health) about grief, mourning, and motorcycles.

Have you had an online appointment with a clinician yet? If you haven’t, you probably will soon. Today Brendan talks with Cathy Cruz (Manager of the Information Management & Technology (IM/IT) Virtual Care team)about how her team is innovating to keep pace with the sudden demand for virtual care and how she harnesses her background in fine arts to help guide Nova Scotia Health in to the online future of healthcare.

How do you keep the reigns steady when the ground is shifting under your horse’s feet?  Today Brendan talks with Shauna Thompson (Senior Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for Nova Scotia Health) about the personal and professional challenges her team faced as they continued delivering services like blood collection and water testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical microbiology was far from the spotlight only a few months ago but is now on the forefront of the battle against COVID-19.  Today Brendan talks with Todd Hatchette (Chief of Medical Microbiology for Nova Scotia Health, Central Zone) about leading his team through the unpredictable early days of the pandemic and how they’re preparing for the possibility of a second wave.