Need A Family Practice? - Prenatal care options (in select areas)

Prenatal Care Only 

If you live in Halifax, Eastern Shore and West Hants and are currently pregnant, please see below for a list of family physicians and nurse practitioners who are accepting new patients:


The Ravines Medical Centre
535 Larry Uteck Boulevard. Bedford, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-407-4382

  • Dr. Roetka Gradstein (Gender: Female)

ScotiaMed Family Medicine & Walk-in Clinic
961 Bedford Highway (Bedford Sobeys). Bedford, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-832-2380

  • Dr. Lisa Griffin (Gender: Female)


Albro Lake Medical Clinic
6 Primrose Street. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-465-4444

  • Dr. Janet Howard (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Kim Murray (Gender: Female)

Woodlawn Medical Clinic
92 Main Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-434-1500

  • Dr. Carla MacDonald (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Nancy Bloom (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Renee Hart (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Edith LaFleur (Gender: Female)

Dartmouth Medical Centre
44/46 Portland Street. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-465-4539

  • Dr. Alison Wiebe (Gender: Female)


Spryfield Medical Centre 
205 Herring Cove Road (above Guardian Drugs)
Halifax, Nova Scotia Tel: 902-477-5693 

  • Dr. Stephanie Matchett (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Rachel Shaw (Gender: Female)

Halifax Pediatric Associates
5880 Spring Garden Road Suite 307. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-425-4990

  • Dr. Gilda Bowdridge (Gender: Female)

Dalhousie Family Medicine Mumford Clinic @ Mumford Professional Centre
6960 Mumford Road. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-473-4700

  • Dr. Jacalynne Hernandez Lee (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Alicia Williams (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Susan Atkinson (Gender: Female)

Dalhousie Family Medicine @ Spryfield Clinic
16 Dentith Road Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-473-1234 

  • Dr. Anna Neumann (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Lynn Bussey (Gender: Female)
  • Dr. Kathleen Horrey (Gender: Female)

Atlantic Medical Clinic
Halifax Shopping Centre 7001 Mumford Road. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-455-4333

  • Dr. Angela Poirier (Gender: Female)​

IWK Prenatal Clinics @ Cobequid and IWK site

Family Medicine prenatal clinic (low risk prenatal care and delivery) by referral only by fax to 902-470-7467

IWK Health Centre - Women's Health Programs

Note: Must have a family physician to access.

Nurse-run clinics for:
  • Breast exams
  • Menopause counseling
  • Pap tests
Call for various metro clinic locations

Tel: 902-473-677

Lower Sackville

Hillside Medical Clinic
159 Cobequid Road, Suite 207
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Tel:  (902) 865-7549

  • Dr. Susan Lappin (Gender: Female)

Cobequid site prenatal clinic - Family Physician run
(prenatal and delivery care only by referral)
IWK Health Center
Fax: 902- 470-7467
Community Care Walk-in Clinic
201, 159 Cobequid Road
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Tel:  902-865-5800

  • Dr. Daralyn DeBaie (Gender: Female)

Upper Tantallon

Crossroads Family Practice
5110 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Suite 201, Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia
Office: (902) 826-9096
Fax: (902) 820-9399 

  • Rachel Doucette, MD CCFP (Gender:  Female)

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