Dartmouth General Hospital’s new post-anaesthesia care unit and day surgery are open

The redevelopment and expansion of perioperative services at Dartmouth General Hospital has been ongoing since 2017 when the facility broke ground on its new addition. 

Last year, the Neville J. Gilfoy wing with expanded outpatient care capacity and new operating rooms opened to create the Smithers Centre for Orthopaedic Care. 

Today, the hospital’s new day surgery and new post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) opened for patient care. 

The new space features 18 post-anesthesia care bays, 12 flex bays and eight self-contained privacy rooms for patients preparing for surgery.

“Our hospital plays an important role in care delivery in Nova Scotia. The aging population has placed a high demand on orthopaedic surgeries and the redevelopment of Dartmouth General’s perioperative spaces have been done purposefully to support high volume, efficient, short-stay surgeries to address wait times and provide more efficient and effective care to Dartmouth and its surrounding communities,” said Dr. Scott Mawdsley, interim-Dartmouth General Hospital site medical lead.

Perioperative clinical leader and registered nurse, Christina Underhill, was instrumental in planning the new design.

“The new PACU, day surgery, flex area and pre-admission clinic welcome patients and their families to a bright, spacious and modern care environment,” she said. “The working area was streamlined and intentionally planned to create a smooth transition between the phases of patient care – from admission, to surgery, to discharge.”  

The department’s new design was heavily influenced by the work routines and other suggestions from the perioperative care team who support the hospital’s critical role in orthopaedic care. 

They worked closely with architects, Dialog, to design a space to both meet the needs of the community and to also attract new talented clinicians.

“The new unit will help get more patients through the outpatient orthopaedic replacement program successfully and back to a pain free life,” said Dr. David O’Brien Dartmouth General Hospital orthopaedic surgeon.  “While the space may be new, it’s still home to the tremendous perioperative team that has made Dartmouth General the place to come for orthopaedic excellence. The group of nurses, doctors and all support staff provide a community atmosphere that allows patients to feel at home – and now we have a home we want to show off to all.”

The Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation is contributing to the redevelopment of the hospital through its $13 million Above and Beyond campaign part of the foundation’s Building the Future of Care program. 

“We’re so happy to see the PACU and day surgery completed, and to be able to show our donors the positive impact their contributions have made for the staff and patients at the Dartmouth General Hospital,” said Stephen Harding, president and CEO of Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation. “This milestone shows what great things can be done with the help of our provincial partners and donors.”

For more information on the QEII New Generation project and the redevelopment of Dartmouth General Hospital visit: HealthRedevelopment.NovaScotia.ca/QE2

For more information on the DGH Foundation visit: http://www.dghfoundation.ca/our-priorities/building-the-future-of-care/