Fire panel being replaced at Cape Breton Regional Hospital next week

Work will take place next week to replace the fire panel at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

The work begins on Monday, July 15 at 7 a.m. and is expected to be completed on Friday, July 19. The current panel is approximately 25 years old and replacing it is part of overall improvements being made to the hospital’s fire alarm system.

To prepare for the replacement, staff with Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) has been working on plans with the Office of the Fire Marshal. While the panel is being replaced, the hospital’s fire alarm system will be out of service and may not activate. To offset this, extra security has been added and a fire watch will be in place to watch for potential fire hazards while the alarm system is out of service. The sprinkler system will also remain operational. In addition to these measures, patients and visitors are asked to be extra vigilant while the work is underway. If patients or visitors see smoke, fire or water from the sprinkler system, they should tell hospital staff and call 911.

Besides the fire alarm system, the following services will be impacted during the work:

• The overhead paging system will be down.

• Four elevators (#3, #5, #6 and #12) will be out of service. There will be signage near the elevators to identify which ones are down. All other elevators will be operational.

• Doors that close automatically when fire alarms are activated will remain closed. Because of the number of doors that will remain closed during the work, there may be some delays in the transport of patients, equipment and patient meals. Please be patient as staff may need to go through several doors to reach your area.

Signage will be placed at hospital entrances, at elevators and fire alarm pull stations while work is underway.

Outpatient services will continue as usual as will patient and visitor traffic. Inpatient services will not be affected. Staff will still provide care, meals and medication to patients.

Also, please remember that hospital grounds are smoke-free. Smoking, using tobacco and vaping are not permitted on hospital property.

While this replacement is necessary, NSHA regrets any inconvenience it may cause and appreciates the public’s cooperation while the work takes place.


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