Five tips to save your hips

One out of three Canadians over the age of 65 will fall at least once this year. If you are over the age of 80, your odds increase to 50 per cent.

In fact, the number of hospitalizations due to a fall is on the rise with more than 2,600 hospitalizations in 2012 in Nova Scotia.

Among seniors aged 65 to 84 years, a hospital stay caused by a fall is about three times longer than for other causes. These statistics may shock you but in Nova Scotia the highest number of injury-related deaths in 2010 was due to falls.

However, there are ways to help prevent falls.

Here are five tips to save your hips:

  1. Keep active to improve your strength and balance.
  2. Check your vision. Visit an eye doctor for an eye exam every year.
  3. Check with your family doctor or pharmacist about the side effects your medication may have on your balance.
  4. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear with proper support, comfort and fit.
  5. Use equipment that helps prevent falls, such as grab bars or mobility aids (properly fitted cane or walker).

Falls Prevention Week is November 21 to 25. Visit our website for more information.