Inverness and Victoria Counties request community participation in health planning surveys

Community health boards (CHBs) in Inverness and Victoria Counties are asking the public to share their thoughts on what issues and challenges affect the health of their communities.

To do this, the CHBs want community members to fill out a survey as part of their community health planning. The information gathered from the surveys will be used to better understand local priorities and the supports people and communities need to improve their health. That, in turn, will be used by the CHBs to develop a community health plan for the area.

“We are happy to be working in collaboration with the Central Inverness CHB and Victoria County CHB on this community health planning process,” said Marie Aucoin, Chair of the North Inverness Community Health Board. “Our community health boards have an important role to play in engaging our communities to help identify the health priorities unique to this area of rural Cape Breton.”

The short survey asks questions related to what people think contributes to a community’s health and what the CHBs could do to support improvements. It also asks for information about age and health conditions to get a strong sense of the population’s health and demographics. The surveys do not ask for personal information such as names or addresses and they will only be used to inform the health planning process.

The surveys are being spread widely throughout the communities and, in some areas, will be mailed directly. Local municipalities, libraries and several businesses will carry the surveys. As well, any completed survey can be dropped off at those locations.

Surveys are also available online at

CHBs were established in 2000 through legislation to advise the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) on local perspectives, trends, issues and priorities.

Health planning is an important role for community health boards. CHBs across Nova Scotia are legislated to consult with their communities and develop a community health plan on an on-going basis throughout a three-year planning cycle. Community health plans help to identify priorities for the business planning process for the NSHA and the IWK Health Centre.