A message from Interim President and CEO Janet Davidson

Interim President and CEO Janet Davidson.
Interim President and CEO Janet Davidson.

I arrived in Nova Scotia a few days ahead of Hurricane Dorian and was truly impressed by the organization's planning, preparation and response. It was great to see employees, physicians and volunteers come together to maintain care and services and work with each other and our partners to manage and respond to issues created by the storm. I want to thank the entire team here at NSHA and our system partners for your efforts.

I spent most of my first week as NSHA's interim president and CEO learning about the organization, meeting members of the leadership team and gaining a greater understanding of the issues and opportunities facing the province’s health care system.

It is clear that NSHA has made significant progress as an integrated province-wide health authority. You have a solid strategic plan and there are a lot of important initiatives underway. My role as interim leader is to help maintain focus and momentum on key priorities during the transition to a new president and CEO.

I will be working closely with the leadership team and with the Department of Health and Wellness to ensure alignment and ongoing progress. I will also be providing insights and advice to the board of directors and to the new president and CEO once the recruitment process is complete, to support this important transition.

During my 40-year career in health care, I have worked nationally and internationally to provide leadership in areas such as strategy, policy, organization management and design and governance. I was born in Newfoundland and spent time in Nova Scotia. I am happy to be back and look forward to sharing some of my experience and learnings here.

I will be spending much of my time over the next few months traveling across the province to gain a better understanding of your experiences. What are the strengths we should be building on and what are the barriers that need to be addressed? I can only do that by listening to the people who work in the health system, our key partners and the patients and families who rely on us for care.

I am looking forward to those discussions and to hearing your thoughts and ideas on how NSHA can continue to move forward in creating a responsive, sustainable, integrated health and wellness system for all Nova Scotians.

Thank you,

Janet Davidson