MicroResearch Nova Scotia workshop

MicroResearch Nova Scotia workshop group photo

This past April, 14 community members who had not previously met came together with a common purpose - to learn how to do research, and to dream up a community based research question that they would tackle as a team. 

This MicroResearch NS workshop, (the fifth in Nova Scotia, with this workshop being held at the Dickson building in Halifax) brought together community support workers, Rotarians, police officers, gardening experts, nurses, youth advocates, and students. Each person who attended brought a unique and diverse perspective. The group was divided into two teams, and over the 10 day workshop, the teams truly bonded over their shared research projects. 

On the final day of the workshop, the two teams presented their proposed research project to a panel of judges who were impressed with the novice researcher’s work and efforts, and gave both teams the green light to apply for a MicroResearch grant to carry out their work. 

In addition to learning research tools and skills, such as how to do a research budget, how to write an abstract, and how to translate findings into action, the teams also learned the value of collaborating with a diverse team. Several participants cited this workshop as one of the most valuable things they had ever contributed to. 

The research questions that the teams will tackle in the coming months are as follows:
Team 1: What services would have assisted males currently between the ages of 18-25, diagnosed with a mental illness, when they first noticed symptoms, to prevent escalation to a crisis?  
Team 2: What do young women (12-19 years) who were groomed in to prostitution, identify as the grooming techniques that were effective?

A partnership between Nova Scotia Health Authority, Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Centre, MicroResearch Nova Scotia provides community-focused research training, mentorship and small grants for health research projects conceived and conducted locally. Funding support for specific projects is covered by the local hospital foundations and other funding partners.

For information on upcoming MicroResearch NS workshops being planned in Preston Cherrybrook, Cape Breton and at the Halifax Infirmary, please visit www.microresearch-international.ca