Need a Family Practice Registry Confirming Contact Information

For immediate release November 21, 2017
Halifax, NS – The Need a Family Practice registry is a list of Nova Scotians who do not currently have a family doctor or nurse practitioner. Starting today, Nova Scotia Health Authority will be conducting automated calling over the next couple of weeks to people on the registry. These calls are to confirm the registrant’s contact information and need for a primary care provider.
“In order to be able to reach people who do not have a family practice, it’s important to have accurate contact information,” said Shannon Ryan Carson, Director of Primary Health Care, Chronic Disease and Wellness. “This is our regular process to check the information that we have in the registry, so that family practices are able to contact with people when they are accepting new patients.”
Nova Scotians who have registered with Need a Family Practice should expect to receive an automated call that will ask them to confirm that someone at that phone number is registered, and that they continue to need a family practice. The caller ID will show up on call display as 000-000-0000.
“People change phone numbers or move and, as result, the contact information in the registry is no longer current. We want to ensure that we can reach people when there is a practice that is able to accept them,” said Ryan Carson.
Nova Scotians whose contact information has changed since they registered with Need a Family Practice are encouraged to call 811, Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to update their information. People who have not registered yet, and are without a family doctor or nurse practitioner, should also register, ether online at or by calling 811.
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