NSHA focused on meeting care needs during period of high demand


Hospitals across the province are currently experiencing increased visits to emergency departments and demand for hospitalizations. There are a number of factors contributing to this, including influenza-like illness and injuries due to slips and falls. As a result there may be increased waits in emergency departments and temporary beds may be used to accommodate demand.
To make sure people get the acute care they need, patients may be moved around during their hospitalization. Patients may be asked to transfer to a different unit and location where an appropriate care bed is available. This is done to ensure we care for people in the best place and meet patients’ acute care needs.
What you can do
Preventing and controlling the spread of influenza-like illness is important. Here are some ways you can help:
·         Get your annual flu shot.
·         Practice regular and proper handwashing, as well as good cough hygiene.
·         Call 811 for advice from a registered nurse if you are feeling unwell to determine if need to seek medical care. If you experience an emergency, please call 911.
·         Don’t visit hospital patients or care home residents if you are not feeling well. If you do visit and have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please speak to staff before your visit.
Visitor restrictions may be placed on hospitals (including particular units) and care homes to help control the spread of influenza-like illness and manage or prevent outbreaks.

Additional Information: