NSHA has welcomed 17 family doctors and 37 specialists since April 1

Since April 1, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) has successfully recruited 54 new family doctors and specialists to work in communities across the province.

“Physician recruitment is a top priority for Nova Scotia Health Authority,” said NSHA president and CEO Janet Knox. “We have made significant investments and are working closely with physicians, our partners and communities to promote Nova Scotia as a place to practise medicine and live a great life.”

“Government is committed to ensuring timely access to primary health care.  We are pleased to see the NSHA driving this agenda and are grateful to the communities that are supporting these efforts,” said Minister of Health and Wellness Randy Delorey.

NSHA’s recruitment team hosted more than 65 site visits this summer, bringing physicians to a community or practice setting where they may be interested in working. 

“While the recruitment process can be complex, we have worked really well with our physician leaders and community partners across the province, who have really supported and contributed to our success,” NSHA senior director of medical affairs Grayson Fulmer said. “We are into our second year of our strategy and are currently reviewing our methods and looking to improve.”

There are currently five physician recruitment consultants working in the province, with plans to hire two additional recruiters. Recently, NSHA added an administrative recruitment support to the team that will support logistics around site visits and manage candidate’s paperwork and system progress. NSHA will add another administrative recruitment support and director role in the near future. 

Area  Family Doctor starts (April 1 to August 31) Specialist starts (April 1 to August 31)
Central Zone (Halifax area, Eastern Shore and West Hants) 11 25
Northern Zone (Colchester, East Hants, Cumberland and Pictou) 1 2
Eastern Zone (Cape Breton, Guysborough and Antigonish) 4 5
Western Zone (Annapolis Valley, South Shore, and South West) 1 5


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