NSHA revs up for Wharf Rat Rally

Each year, some Wharf Rat Rally participants put on a parade and show at Digby General Hospital for residents of the restorative care program (and many interested staff as well).

Digby will once again be overrun with rats this week and over Labour Day weekend. The 2017 Wharf Rat motorcycle rally began Wednesday, and is expected to draw thousands of bikers, enthusiasts, fans and curious onlookers to the Town of Digby and surrounding areas.
With large crowds expected to the town of just over 2,150 residents, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) is taking extra precautions to respond to a possible surge in emergency department visits.

“Each year before the rally, we have a series of meetings to review the kinds of pressures our health system could experience, and to make sure we are ready to respond to the best of our ability,” says Hubert d’Entremont, site manager, Digby General Hospital. d’Entremont along with a representative from NSHA emergency preparedness represent the health authority on the Wharf Rat rally planning committee which is made up of community volunteers. 

Additional medical supplies, blood and medications to treat minor and major trauma, heat exhaustion and sunburn have been organized for Digby General Hospital. Additional staff will be on standby to work the emergency department if required, while diagnostic imaging, pharmacy and laboratory staff will be available over the weekend to provide support for possible traumas. As well, staff living in close proximity to the hospital are available to work if required. Alternate communications systems will be available and Yarmouth Regional Hospital will provide registration back-up if required.

Although these extra precautions have been taken, NSHA encourages participants to enjoy the rally safely. Take care to drive safely, wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and make sure food is at the correct temperature to avoid food poisoning.