Our People in Profile: Rest and recovery team member, Nicole Belliveau cares for Nova Scotians as they reach their COVID-19 vaccine milestones

Nicole Belliveau at the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic where she works in rest and recovery.

From a career in banking to raising her three children, Nicole Belliveau now finds herself at the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic where she works in rest and recovery. 

When the pandemic broke out in Nova Scotia, Belliveau knew she wanted to help and be part of the solution. 

“I started to apply (to COVID-19 related jobs) and was lucky to land a recovery position at the Dalhousie clinic,” said Belliveau. 

She began work at the Dalhousie clinic at the end of January and transferred to the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic in April. 

In her rest and recovery position, Belliveau is responsible for managing the room of clients after they have had their COVID-19 vaccine.  

On average, the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic vaccinates 800 Nova Scotians per day.

“We see every client that comes through here,” said Belliveau. “We are the last face they see in the clinic, (and for that reason) we want to be the happiest face because they just got through the needle.”

In addition to providing support, gratitude and care to clients, the rest and recovery team is also trained to recognize and act on common post-vaccine symptoms, such as nausea, fainting and discolouring in the face. 

Many rest and recovery team members, including Belliveau, have their general first-aid certification. 

What Belliveau finds rewarding about her role is getting to see first-hand the vaccine experiences of clients and how appreciative and enthusiastic they are about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“When I go home at night, I love relaying some of the funny stories,” she said. “I love the stories and the diversity of the young crew coming in with a lot of excitement that this is happening, and the amazement of the science.” 

Belliveau and her coworkers provide a memorable and pleasant experience for all who enter the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic by supporting clients as they reach their COVID-19 vaccine milestones.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s just caring about people,” said Belliveau. “We are here to put a happy face on and thank clients for getting vaccinated.” 

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