Paladin Security to offer security services at NSHA

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Health Authority has signed a letter of intent with Paladin Security, which will  provide security services across all NSHA facilities.

Paladin was named the successful proponent following a request for proposals issued June 26. Evaluation of the proposals was based on specific criteria, including service quality, technical capabilities, and experience in a patient care setting, along with financial cost efficiencies.

The contract will be awarded for five years, beginning Dec. 1, 2015 in most NSHA facilities. Facilities in Cumberland and Colchester counties will switch to Paladin on Jan. 1, 2016, and facilities in the Southern Shore area will change their security provider on Aug. 1, 2017, honouring existing contracts.

Allan Horsburgh, Vice-President Stewardship and Accountability & Chief Financial Officer for NSHA, said the change will allow NSHA to enhance and implement best practices across all NSHA sites in a more efficient and effective fashion by having one province-wide provider.

“Through one security provider, NSHA will be able to enhance consistencies in security and patient security services at all its facilities across the province,” he said. “All security officers at NSHA will operate under health care industry best practices and will receive training that exceeds this industry’s standards.” 

As well, specific requirements for patient security services will be in place to ensure proper care is given to patients and protection to staff.   

Horsburgh said a single contract will also help NSHA save on the cost of security province wide.

NSHA expects the majority of existing security guards will transition to Paladin.  

“Existing security guards know their facilities, they know the people they serve, and they know our organization. We expect this knowledge to be a great benefit moving forward as a one health authority for Nova Scotia.”