Paramedics part of team at Roseway Emergency Department

Shelburne, NS — With ambulance lights flashing and siren wailing, you expect to see paramedics jump into action at the scene of an emergency. This is still true, but you will also see some paramedics in a new role in the Roseway Hospital emergency department.

“Paramedics are no strangers to hospital emergency departments and have been a part of our care team for many years,” said Dr. John Keeler, site medical lead at Roseway Hospital. “Now they will work with physicians, nurses and other care providers to provide emergency department care and help us avoid temporary closures.”

Nova Scotia Health Authority recruited four advanced care paramedics to work on a casual basis in the Roseway Hospital emergency department.

“The advanced care paramedic is an additional health care provider that will help us keep the emergency department open when a registered nurse is not available,” said Jodi Ybarra, Roseway Hospital site manager. “These new paramedics have completed orientation to the hospital and have been welcomed by emergency department staff. All staff and physicians deserve thanks for working to keep the emergency department open under challenging circumstances.”

Advanced care paramedics have enhanced training that allows them to work in the emergency department along with physicians and registered nurses. This is a model similar to one used in several other hospitals in Nova Scotia.

“Working in the department is a natural fit for our special skills and training,” said Kevin Guy, one of the new advanced care paramedics at Roseway Hospital. “This is a great opportunity to use our skills in a new way that will help provide reliable access to emergency services in Shelburne County.”

The addition of paramedics to the team is one part of Nova Scotia Health Authority’s plan to reduce emergency department closures. Other efforts include expanding the pool of locum, or temporary physicians, supporting additional nursing staff to receive training to work in the emergency department, and making the emergency department schedule more widely available to physicians across Nova Scotia in advance.

The recruitment of new physicians and nurses remains a priority. The announcement in August of the next phase in the development of the Shelburne Primary Health Care Collaborative Centre will play a key role in recruitment and retention efforts for the area.


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