Two new midwives join the South Shore Community Midwives team

Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) is pleased to announce that two new midwives have started work with maternal and child services at both South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater and Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg.

This addition brings the South Shore Community Midwives team to a total of three. The two new midwives have been in place since late July and all are now seeing and accepting new patients.

“We are comprehensive care providers who offer primary care throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, either at home or in hospital, as well as post-partum support during the first six weeks,” said midwife Leslie Niblett, who is mentoring and supporting the two new team members, Janet Holtham and Molly Lumby.

“We work with the maternity care team, consult with physicians when there are complications, provide guidance for women who choose to breastfeed and ensure both mother and baby are comfortable and receive expert care,” she added.

“We have been warmly welcomed into the community and by the midwifery team,” said Molly Lumby. “I am thrilled to be contributing to the care of women and families on the South Shore.”

Midwifery is well-integrated into the health system and serves a diverse clientele, including vulnerable and priority populations such as:

• Indigenous communities;
• African Nova Scotians;
• Women affected by poverty, food insecurity and/or inadequate housing;
• Women living in social isolation or lacking social support due to cultural or geographical barriers, recent immigration or refugee status, or absence of family supports;
• Single and young mothers;
• Mothers who are members of the LGBTQ community;
• Women who face educational barriers;
• Women with cognitive, physical or behavioural disabilities;
• Women who have or are experiencing domestic or sexual abuse;
• Women struggling with addictions or mental health issues;
• Women suffering from psychological distress, loss or trauma related to pregnancy and childbirth;
• Women requesting a vaginal birth after previous caesarean section (VBAC).

“I am delighted to see the ‘re-birth’ of the midwifery service on the south shore and welcome our new members to the team,” said Sally Loring, Maternal and Child Health Services Senior Director.

“From speaking with many mothers, I know how valued our midwives are and the difference they make to moms and babies alike,” Loring said. “I have no doubt that the additional services our midwives are now able to offer will be greatly appreciated by the community.”

For more information on NSHA’s maternal and child health services, please visit our website.