VG Flood Recap (VIDEO - 2:20)

QEII VG Flood Recap

The cause of the VG Flood

NSHA staff, physicians, leaders and volunteers are managing a difficult situation following a flood at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, VG Site Centennial Building on Thursday, Sept. 24 that shut an ICU, surgical wards and much of the eye clinic, among other services.

The flood stared on the fifth floor when a stopper in a one inch pipe, which was corroded, failed, sending water gushing into a supply room.

Staff and physicians had to relocate about 50 patients including ICU patients, who were moved to other areas of the QEII, particularly the Halifax Infirmary site. In a tremendous effort, all patients were safely moved to safe spaces where their care could continue.

Since then, clinical teams and leaders have been working to ensure services continue to be provided as much as possible. Most surgeries and procedures were cancelled Friday, Sept. 25, with the exception of emergency operations. Following the weekend, and after careful planning and consideration of patient safety, operations and procedures were reintroduced, although with a careful case mix that meant more day surgery not requiring a hospital bed, and fewer procedures that require admissions.

Staff and physicians will continue to monitor resources in scheduling procedures for the coming weeks  as the damage is assessed and decision on how and when to renovate are made.