Volunteers of NSHA: Kathy Walker happy to be a friendly face for patients and visitors at Aberdeen Hospital

Kathy Walker, Volunteer at Aberdeen Regional Hospital
Kathy Walker volunteers once a week at the information desk at Aberdeen Regional Hospital

Kathy Walker went through three major life changes all at once – her husband died, she retired from work and she sold her house.

All of a sudden she was left wondering what she would do with her time.

When a friend suggested volunteering at Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow, Walker decided to give it a try.

Once a week, she volunteers at the hospital’s information desk, talking to people, getting them a wheelchair or directing them to appointment locations.

She recognizes that for most people, a trip to the hospital is unwelcome.

“Nobody coming in the door – unless they’re grandparents of a new baby – are happy to be there,” said Walker.

“They’re all stressed, so having a friendly person at the desk to greet you kind of makes you feel better about things.”

Walker notes that many people come to Aberdeen Hospital from other areas of the province and are particularly grateful to have a helping hand in an unfamiliar place.

She enjoys knowing that she’s making their experience a little easier.

She has also found the volunteer experience to be a social one.

“I’ve met a lot of people through the hospital.”

Walker has talked about the volunteer experience to other friends, one of whom is now volunteering in the hospital gift shop. She also encouraged her sister, who lives in Newfoundland, to volunteer in her community.

Thank you, Kathy, for being such a dedicated volunteer and for recruiting others to the world of volunteering!

To learn more about opportunities to volunteer at NSHA, please visit http://www.nshealth.ca/volunteer