Open Board Meetings

The Board of the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NHSA) is committed to the principles of transparency and accountability for decision-making. Pursuant to Board Policy AD-BOD-015, the Board will hold regular meetings at least six times each fiscal year at a time and place to be determined by the Board. Four of these meetings will include an open portion where anyone can attend in person and observe the Board meeting.

Times, locations, and registration details 

March 25, 2020 (Cancelled)
Western Zone

In light of the evolving situation with COVID-19, NSHA’s Board of Directors is canceling the Board of Directors Meeting in Wolfville on March 25. Health Canada cautions that because respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 spread quickly in crowded spaces, avoiding crowds can reduce the spread of infection. The NSHA Board of Directors will make every effort to get back to the Western Zone as soon as possible.

Background Information

NSHA holds open Board meetings to provide the public with an opportunity to observe decision-making processes and to gain an understanding of the rationale for plans and decisions. Due to the complexity and volume of business that must be transacted, the Board is unable to interact with the public or the media during the meetings. Questions from the media or the public will not be taken during the Board meeting. The Board Chair or designate will be available to respond to questions from the media immediately following the meeting.

NSHA is committed to ongoing engagement with stakeholders and communities that have an interest in or will be affected by its actions. NSHA will provide different opportunities, such as community engagement sessions, advisory committees and task forces, to ensure that public issues and concerns are recognized and understood.

Observing a Meeting

  • To ensure adequate space is available, individuals wishing to attend must give at least 24 hours’ notice to the Board Secretary (Email:
  • The Board may limit the number of attendees if space is insufficient.
  • Please sign in at the registration desk. This will allow us to maintain accurate records of attendance.
  • Please turn off, or set to mute, all cell phones and devices.
  • Please refrain from conversations during the meeting, as this can be distracting and make it difficult for everyone to hear the business at hand.

Chair Authority

Rulings or directives from the Chair must be followed by everyone in attendance at the meeting. The Chair may exclude (or remove) members of the public for improper conduct or disruptive behaviour. The determination of what is improper conduct or disruptive behaviour is within the discretion of the Chair.

Recording of Meetings

Recording devices, videotaping andphotography are prohibited.

Video-conferencing & teleconferencing

At the discretion of the Board, members of the public may be invited to participate in a meeting by video or teleconferencing. If this is the case, notice will be provided to the public, along with locations at which conferencing will be available.

Closed Board Sessions

The Board Chair may order that a meeting move in camera or hold Board meetings that are not open to the public where it determines it is in the best interest of NSHA. Any Director may request a matter to be dealt with in camera in which case a vote will be taken and if a majority of the Board so decides, the matter shall be dealt with in camera.

Meeting Materials

A schedule of the date, location and time (including any changes) of the Board’s regular meetings will be posted to NSHA website.  Agendas for the open portion of the meeting will be posted on the NSHA website and distributed at the meeting. Non-committee material that relates to the open portion of the meeting will be posted on the NSHA website at 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting. Limited printed copies will be available the day of the meeting.

November 27, 2019 Open Board Meeting Materials

Examples of in camera matters

  • Patient-specific issues;
  • Matters relating to an individual Board member or a prospective Board member;
  • Individual employee matters;
  • Donor-specific issues;
  • Professional staff appointments, reappointments and changes in privileges;
  • Any other matter where personal information about an individual will or may be revealed;
  • Human resource and labour relations matters including those pertaining
  • to collective bargaining or terms of employment, including negotiations or potential negotiations;
  • Litigation or potential litigation including administrative tribunal matters;
  • Receipt of advice that is subject to solicitorclient privilege including communications necessary for that purpose;
  • The security of property of the NSHA;
  • Contract matters including negotiations or disputes;
  • The acquisition, disposition, lease, exchange or expropriation of, or improvements to real or personal property, if the Board considers that disclosure might reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the corporation;
  • Board and committee self-evaluation;
  • Information that is prohibited from disclosure under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • Other matters that, in the opinion of the majority of Directors, the disclosure of which might be prejudicial to an individual or to the best interests of the corporation; and
  • Consideration of whether an item is to be discussed in camera.

How to bring a matter forward to the board

If there are matters that you wish to draw to the attention of the Board, please submit them in writing to the address below. The Chair will determine if the matter is to be addressed at a Board meeting, or if better addressed in another committee or forum.

Documents and Forms


Board Secretary
Nova Scotia Health Authority
90 Lovett Lake Court, Suite 201
Halifax, NS B3S 0H6
T: 902.491.5811

Board Highlights and Approved Minutes