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NSHA Patient education pamphlets are currently being transitioned to this site. Not all pamphlets will appear in this search yet. All active pamphlets can be found in the print code index.

  • 0376 - Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer

    View Online: 0376.pdf
  • 0477 - Getting Chemotherapy by an Infusor® Infusion Pump

    View Online: 0477.pdf
  • 1180 - Head & Neck Oncology Case Manager: Helping Patients and Families Through the Cancer Journey

    View Online: 1180.pdf
  • 1500 - Stereotactic Radiation Therapy to the Brain

    View Online: 1500.pdf
  • 1616 - CADD®-Solis Pump

    View Online: 1616.pdf
  • NSCCP0001 - Cytotoxic Precautions at Home: A Guide for Cancer Patients and Families

    View Online: nsccp0001.pdf
  • NSCCP0002 - Effects of Cancer Treatment: Low Red Blood Cells / Anemia

    View Online: nsccp0002.pdf
  • NSCCP0004 - Cancer Treatments: Combination Therapy

    View Online: nsccp0004.pdf
  • NSCCP0005 - Effects of Cancer Treatment: Hair Loss

    View Online: nsccp0005.pdf
  • NSCCP0006 - Effects of Cancer Treatment: Healthy Eating

    View Online: nsccp0006.pdf
  • NSCCP0009 - Cancer Treatments: Surgery

    View Online: nsccp0009.pdf
  • NSCCP0010 - Cancer Treatments: Systemic Therapy

    View Online: nsccp0010.pdf
  • NSCCP0011 - Spiritual Care

    View Online: nsccp0011.pdf
  • NSCCP0012 - Cancer and Distress

    View Online: nsccp0012.pdf
  • NSCCP0013 - Effects of Cancer and Treatment: Cancer Pain

    View Online: nsccp0013.pdf
  • NSCCP0014 - Effects of Cancer and Treatment: Nausea and Vomiting

    View Online: nsccp0014.pdf
  • NSCCP0016 - Cancer Treatments: Radiation Therapy

    View Online: nsccp0016.pdf
  • NSCCP0017 - Accommodations Near the QEII Cancer Care Program

    View Online: nsccp0017.pdf
  • NSCCP0019 - Anxiety

    View Online: nsccp0019.pdf
  • NSCCP0020 - Getting Support: Psychosocial Cancer Resources

    View Online: nsccp0020.pdf
  • NSCCP0021 - Depression and Cancer

    View Online: nsccp0021.pdf
  • NSCCP0022 - Financial Matters

    View Online: nsccp0022.pdf
  • NSCCP0023 - Medicine Coverage—Frequently Asked Questions

    View Online: nsccp0023.pdf
  • NSCCP0024 - Medication Coverage—Your Insurance Plan

    View Online: nsccp0024.pdf
  • NSCCP0026 - Parking at the QEII Cancer Care Program in Halifax

    View Online: nsccp0026.pdf
  • NSCCP0027 - Low Anterior Resection Syndrome

    View Online: nsccp0027.pdf
  • NSCCP0028 - Could Colorectal Cancer in My Family Be Hereditary?

    View Online: nsccp0028.pdf
  • NSCCP0029 - Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

    View Online: nsccp0029.pdf
  • NSCCP0030 - Tele-Oncology – A Guide for Cancer Patients

    View Online: nsccp0030.pdf
  • NSCCP0031 - The 'Flu Shot' -- Information for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Family Members

    View Online: nsccp0031.pdf
  • NSCCP0032 - Low Platelets/Thrombocytopenia

    View Online: nsccp0032.pdf
  • NSCCP0033 - Effects of Cancer and Treatment: Lymphedema

    View Online: nsccp0033.pdf
  • NSCCP0034 - Neutropenia (Low White Blood Count)

    View Online: nsccp0034.pdf
  • NSCCP0035 - Multiple Myeloma

    View Online: nsccp0035.pdf
  • NSCCP0036 - Mouth Care During Cancer Treatment

    View Online: nsccp0036.pdf
  • NSCCP0037 - What is the Oncotype DX test?

    View Online: nsccp0037.pdf
  • NSCCP0038 - Oral Systemic Therapy

    View Online: nsccp0038.pdf
  • NSCCP0047 - When Cancer Spreads to Bone Spinal Cord Compression

    View Online: nsccp0047.pdf
  • NSCCP0048 - Use of Steroids (Dexamethasone/Decadron®) for Patients with a Brain Tumour

    View Online: nsccp0048.pdf
  • NSCCP0049 - Information for Patients with an Abnormal Lung X-ray

    View Online: nsccp0049.pdf
  • NSCCP0050 - When Should I Call my Doctor?: A guide for patients being investigated or treated for lung cancer

    View Online: nsccp0050.pdf
  • NSCCP0051 - Overview of Lung Cancer Treatment

    View Online: nsccp0051.pdf
  • NSCCP0052 - Cancer Care - A Guide for Patients, Families and Caregivers

    View Online: nsccp0052.pdf
  • NSCCP0059 - Living Beyond Cancer: Follow up Care for Cancer Patients

    View Online: nsccp0059.pdf
  • NSCCP0060 - Living Beyond Cancer: Follow up Care for Breast Cancer Patients

    View Online: nsccp0060.pdf
  • NSCCP0061 - Living Beyond Cancer: Follow up Care for Colon Cancer Patients

    View Online: nsccp0061.pdf
  • NSCCP0062 - Living Beyond Cancer: Follow up Care for Rectal Cancer Patients

    View Online: nsccp0062.pdf
  • NSCCP0063 - Living Beyond Cancer: Follow up Care for Thyroid Cancer Patients

    View Online: nsccp0063.pdf
  • NSCCP0064 - The Take-Home Cancer Drug Fund

    View Online: nsccp0064.pdf
  • NSCCP0065 - It's Never Too Late to Stop Tobacco Use

    View Online: nsccp0065.pdf