Common Roots Urban Farm - Woodside
Mental Health

Common Roots - Woodside, a project of MetroWorks, is located on the grounds of The Nova Scotia Hospital in Dartmouth, which serves mental health and addictions patients.

The urban farm uses gardening as a way to promote physical, mental and environmental health. We do this by offering skills training and educational workshops on growing vegetables sustainably; making healthy food more accessible to hospital patients, staff and the community; and creating a space for gardening that's supportive and welcoming.

We have four main components:

  • A community garden where members of the public, hospital staff and patients can have a plot to plant food, flowers and herbs.  
  • A market garden that grows produce to be sold at a weekly *market and donated to community and hospital food programs.
  • Common gardens, dedicated to educational and experimental gardens, and nibbling patches for hungry passersby.
  • Flower gardens, where flowers are grown for beauty and joy, and also to create bouquets to be sold at the market stand and brought into the hospital.

*The market normally runs from June until October on Thursday afternoons from 3:30 to 5pm, just outside the Woodside Ferry Terminal. Check our facebook page for updates.

Location, hours and contact information

The garden is located on the grounds of the Nova Scotia Hospital.

Office contact:
E.C. Purdy Building, Room B-63
The Nova Scotia Hospital
300 Pleasant Street, P.O. Box 1004
Dartmouth, NS   B2Y 3Z9
Tel: 902-464-7083
Cell: 902-817-3014


How to I access this service?

Visitors are welcome to come and check out Common Roots at any time. To find out when people will be around, contact the shed coordinator.