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Improving the care and comfort of patients: Auxiliaries and Foundations

Archie Stewart

Nova Scotia’s 33 auxiliaries work to improve the care and comfort of patients and enhance the programs and services offered at hospitals and health centres across the province.

Auxiliaries dedicate thousands of volunteer hours each year to raise money to meet the needs of the hospitals and communities they support. They contribute time and money to:

  • • buy medical and non-medical equipment such as furniture and comfort items for patients
  • • support community projects such as foot clinics
  • • pledge to support hospital foundation campaigns
  • • fund bursaries and scholarships

Auxiliaries also provide a number of valuable services such as operating hospital gift and coffee shops and other retail services. Many also hold fundraisers such as bake sales, home tours and concerts.

“We do what we do for the love of our fellow Nova Scotians – especially for the ones in our community who have suffering and pain,” said Pauline Liengme, President, Nova Scotia Association of Hospital Auxiliaries.

Read about how one auxiliary is making a difference in their community.


If you’ve had a test or procedure in any one of the hospitals or health centres operated by NSHA, some of the equipment used in your care was likely purchased by a health care foundation.

In the past year alone, these 41 hospital foundations have contributed more than $9.5 million to support patient care, education and research by:

  • • buying needed medical equipment
  • • funding hospital construction and renovation projects
  • • supporting professional education, learning and development
  • • sponsoring scholarships/bursaries for students pursuing careers in health care
  • • supporting research and innovation

Thank you to the thousands of generous foundation board members, volunteers and donors who made these achievements possible.

“We share a common goal of supporting the delivery of health services in our communities and improving the lives of Nova Scotians,” said Joe MacDonald, chair of the provincial committee that brings these healthcare foundations together. “Imagine the impact that funding has on your community and loved ones.”

Foundations contribute to health and health care in many ways. Here are some of their stories: