Nova Scotia Health Authority By The Numbers 2018-19

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Our People

Employees (unionized and non-unionized): 23,400+
Licensed physicians in Nova Scotia*: 2,687
   Physicians with a registered specialty (not family medicine): 1,490
   Physicians whose registered specialty is family medicine: 1,197
Medical students in Nova Scotia*: 465
Learners: 5,500+
Volunteers: 7,000
*College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia

Our Resources

Annual Budget: $ 2.2 billion

Our Places

Speciality Hospital: 1
Regional Hospitals: 9
Community and other locations (clinical, support and administrative): approx. 135
Collaborative Emergency Centres: 8

Foundations and Auxiliaries

Foundations: 41
Auxiliaries: 33

Community Health Boards

Community health boards: 37
Number of wellness funds supported through community health boards: 483
Monetary value of wellness funds granted: $641,679.72

Care Delivery

Beds (staffed and in operation): 3,150
Inpatient days: 1,049,395
Emergency visits: 585,026
Operating room surgeries: 70,962
Births (at NSHA facilities): 3,427
Outpatient visits: 3,708,668
Diagnostic imaging exams: 1,051,682

Mental Health & Addictions

Mental Health and Addictions outpatient visits*: 369,515
Mental Health and Addictions clients: 42,998
Inpatient discharges: 4,003
*Includes Crisis response services in emergency departments across the province, Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team 24-hour telephone crisis line and mobile service and visits to Psychiatric Emergency Services at the QEII emergency department.

Continuing Care

Home care clients: 31,688
Hours of home support delivered to Continuing Care clients: 3,063,279
Number of in-home nursing visits: 1,130,155
People placed in long-term care facilities: 3,271

Primary Health Care

Number of primary care visits with a family physician or nurse practitioner (2018-19): 3,521,209
Number of people who found a primary care provider since Nov. 2016 (as of Mar. 31, 2019): 80,802
Number of people registered with Need a Family Practice (as of Mar. 31, 2019): 51,802
Number of collaborative family practice teams in Nova Scotia: 83
Number of chronic disease management and wellness teams: 41

Cancer Care

Number of Nova Scotians who had colon cancer prevented - they had no warning signs; pre-cancers were found and removed as a result of the colon cancer home screening test: 1,053
Number of cancer patients cared for in a cancer centre or community cancer clinic: 14,400
Number of public/patient advisors involved in cancer system improvement: 1,302

Public Health

Number of enhanced home visits*: 8,566
Number of births screened for post-partum: 7,091
Based on results of post-partum screening, number of births recommended for in-depth assessment: 4,697
Number of students who participated in the school-based Flouride Mouth Rinse Program: 16,000+
Number of vaccines administered via the school-based immunization program across the province. This includes immunizations for meningitis, HPV and Hepatitis B: 48,183
*Enhanced Home Visiting provides additional support to families facing challenges. It focuses on supporting parents, promoting a healthy parent-child relationship, fostering healthy childhood development and linking families with community resources that further enhance the opportunities for healthy growth and development of the child and family.


Active research projects on Mar. 31, 2019: 1,324
New research projects initiated in 2019: 398
Number of interdisciplinary research projects initiated within 2018-19: 127
Number of active interdisciplinary research projects as of Mar. 31, 2019: 304