About Us - Research, Innovation & Discovery

We are leading the charge to transform health care and improve the health of all Nova Scotians.

Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy
Vice President
Research, Innovation & Discovery and CNE 

The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub leads and facilitates research and innovation excellence to improve the health of Nova Scotians. We bring together physicians and staff, patients, research scientists, funding bodies, private industry, and community members. Together, we are transforming our health system through discovery, research, and innovation.

OUR VISION: We lead and facilitate research and innovation excellence to improve the health of Nova Scotians

OUR MISSION: We transform health care through research and innovation


Every day, our health care professionals work with their teams and partners to enhance our processes of care. We work with patients and their families on their journeys and learn from their lived experiences. We take everything we learn and use it as evidence to improve the practice of care, for professional education, and to inform research and innovation. That is the meaning of discovery.


We see research as care. We work in partnership with clinicians from our academic partners to link discovery (what we learn every day) to the realities of patient care. All of this happens in a collaborative environment where physicians, nurses, and other health professionals translate research insights into improved patient outcomes. We are changing peoples' lives through research, transforming our health care system in the process.


In the context of healthcare, innovation is defined as improvements to the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety and/or affordability of healthcare. For the Hub, innovation also means challenging how we work together – with industry, academic partners, health foundations, government, patients and providers – to advance health care in this province. Every day, we are finding new, exciting ways to work together to deepen our impact and translate the research done by Nova Scotia's brilliant research community into care that transforms lives.


This Is Why We Are Here

We have an aging population with high rates of chronic disease. We need to address the common issues of heart health, COPD, cancer, orthopedics, diabetes, and mental health and addictions. We need to increase access to primary care for more Nova Scotians. We need to build a fully integrated health system with efficient patient flow that extends to continuing care and home care. We need system-wide improvement.

We will get there by harnessing the energy of our team and our partners to create change, translating research and innovation into policy and practice that improves health and transforms healthcare delivery, in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Our Team

Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy
Vice President, Research, Innovation & Discovery and Chief Nurse Executive

Doris Grant
Senior Director, Innovation

Tara Sampalli, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Director, Research, Innovation and Discovery
Improvement Leader, ScILs Program
Assistant Professor, Medical Informatics, Dalhousie University

Jordan Warford, PhD
Senior Director of Research

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Where We Are Headed

The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub is the future of health and healthcare research and innovation in Nova Scotia. It creates the opportunity for researchers, partners and investors to come together to develop, discover and commercialize new knowledge, technology, products, systems and solutions that improve health and health care. The Hub's goals are three-fold:

  • to deepen our combined impact through collaboration and partnership
  • to build a strong research and innovation culture across Nova Scotia
  • to increase the capacity for excellence in research and innovation in our learning health system

The role we play in translating research and innovation into policy and practice that improves the health of Nova Scotians and transforms health care is one we embrace wholeheartedly.

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