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Seeking help for substance use disorder can be challenging and requires strength from patients and their loved ones. While addiction stigma still exists and can deter people from seeking treatment, Dr. Tiffany O’Donnell is working to reverse the stigmatization of addiction and improve health care for people with substance use disorder.
Dartmouth General Hospital serves diverse communities and populations, each with unique needs. People of African descent are an important and vibrant part of Nova Scotia’s past and contribute to the fabric and success of today’s province. Nova Scotia is home to the largest indigenous Black community in Canada, with more than 52 historic communities, many of which seek care at the Dartmouth General. African Nova Scotians have often had negative experiences in the health care system, and often suffer significant health inequities and as a result, poorer health outcomes compared to other Nova Scotian populations. One of our priorities at Dartmouth General is to improve the accessibility and experience for all patients. As part of this work, we are focusing on improving diversity of our healthcare workforce, to better reflect the communities that we serve. Seeing someone who looks like you, who understands your story, can make all the difference in a patient’s health trajectory.
More Nova Scotians will receive primary healthcare services as a new mobile clinic begins moving around the province. Care is provided by doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics and other primary care providers. The clinic offers a combination of in-person and virtual treatment for injuries and illnesses such as flu or cold symptoms, rashes, muscle pain and urinary tract infections. People can also get prescriptions refilled or renewed.
It’s clear that there is a great need to enhance access to care, as we are facing many challenges related to the pandemic, crisis level staffing shortages, along with recruitment and retention issues especially in rural communities across the province. That’s why Nova Scotia Health and Dalhousie Family Medicine are collaborating on a new initiative to ensure more Nova Scotians are connected to a primary care provider, and recent graduates of Dalhousie Family Medicine gain valuable hands-on experience.