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The roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals are always evolving to better meet population health needs, and to improve timely access to care. Now, Registered Nurses (RNs) in Nova Scotia can prescribe a limited number of medications, devices and order relevant screening or diagnostic tests within their specific areas of expert nursing practice. This model has already effectively been implemented in other Canadian provinces and over twenty years ago in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.
The Speak Up for Healthcare Tour was a valuable opportunity for me to hear directly from you. I enjoyed travelling across the province to meet members of our team, tour our sites and gain valuable perspectives from those working directly with our patients and clients. I am continually learning and happy to see your good ideas keep coming in. I look forward to turning those ideas into action.
A groundbreaking surgical innovation developed in Halifax to treat shoulder instability was profiled during a live broadcast to international conference participants in mid-December. A surgeon from Nova Scotia Health has developed a new portal that allows for the placement of bone grafts to help augment bone loss in the shoulder joint, while avoiding the complications associated with the surgical approach that is commonly used in shoulder surgeries.