Chronic Disease Innovation Fund

Nova Scotians have some of the highest rates of chronic disease and disability in the country.  Over 5,000 Nova Scotians die of four types of chronic diseases every year: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes.  Approximately two-thirds of all deaths in Nova Scotia are attributable to these diseases. 

The Chronic Disease Innovation Fund is a three year fund that supported community groups to develop new, or enhance existing programs that help to support initiatives that help Nova Scotians live healthier lives, and reduce the effects of chronic disease.  Over the three year period, community groups initiated practical and innovative projects with the aim to improve the health outcomes of those living with, or at risk of developing chronic disease. The fund, which concludes in 2018, focused on activities that addressed risk factors that are common across chronic conditions

The Chronic Disease Innovation Fund enabled community groups to shape health and wellness activities and initiatives within in their own community and, in doing so, supported the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) vision of healthy people and healthy communities - for generations.

Learn about successful projects supported by the fund:
2018 Chronic Disease Innovation Fund Summary (.pdf)