NSHA Central Zone Diagnostic Imaging Exam Preparation - MRI of the Prostate

Exam Type: MRI of the Prostate

Please follow the following preparation: 
Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours before appointment time. Light diet day before the exam as described below and fleet enema 2-3 hours prior to exam. Injection of contrast dye.

Examples of foods that can be eaten:

  • Sandwich (turkey, ham or chicken)

  • Rice -Oatmeal

  • Mashed potatoes

  • ​Scrambled eggs -Soup broth, bouillon, chicken noodle soup

  • Apple, cranberry, cran-apple or orange juice (NO PULP)

  • Limited milk or dairy products

  • Coffee, tea or powdered lemonade

  • Gelatins, flavored, ices or popsicles

  • Bananas, peaches or pears

Safety is of utmost importance to us. If you need help standing or walking, please have someone come with you to your Diagnostic Imaging appointment. 

Claustrophobia: MRI exams can cause people to feel claustrophobic due to the design of the machine. The technologists will work with you to provide comfort for the exam. If you are claustrophobic, please have your physician prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to take the day of the study. For your safety you will be required to have a designated driver to drive you home once the study is complete. 

Please do not wear scented personal products. Nova Scotia Health Authority is committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for patients, employees and visitors who are sensitive to chemicals in scented products. 

Please report to registration 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. For registration location see below: 

*Please bring your health care card. 

If you have any questions, require scheduling changes, or wish to cancel your appointment, please notify the appropriate Scheduling Department: 
Victoria General/Halifax Infirmary Sites: 902-473-3618