Health System Transformation - Research, Innovation & Discovery

The transformation of our health system is one of the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub's most important goals. A culture of dynamic innovation is only possible if ideas and discoveries are put into practice. Implementation, commercialization and collaboration are vital to this transformation.

The Hub is at the centre of this process, providing a supportive, agile, adaptable and creative space (both virtual and physical) where researchers, multidisciplinary clinical teams, partners and investors come together to develop, discover and commercialize new knowledge, technology, products, systems and solutions.

Network of Scholars, Implementation Science, and a Learning Health System

Our strategy calls for teams of embedded scholars, scientists and clinical champions from across the province to come together in new ways to build a better healthcare system. This Network of Scholars identifies patient, community and system priorities by working with those groups. They support rapid reviews to understand best practice evidence in published literature and in local evidence on key health priorities for Nova Scotians.

Click here for more information about some of the rapid reviews we've conducted this year.

Our Network of Scholars is also responsible for transforming the results of their work into healthcare practice. This implementation science is where we truly close the gap between scientific research and delivery of healthcare in our communities.

An ever-expanding network of scholars and continuous implementation of their work means a learning health system that is evolving, creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement that supports the use of evidence to improve policy and practice throughout Nova Scotia's healthcare system.

This work is well underway by embedded scientists already working within Nova Scotia Health. The process includes engaging key partners in our health system, provincial, national and international leaders and – most importantly – our patients, their families and communities. Together, we are using best practice evidence to transform healthcare capacity in our communities.