Hemodialysis Patients Traveling to Nova Scotia

There are three main dialysis programs in Nova Scotia.

  • Cape Breton Dialysis Program
    Cape Breton Regional Hospital
    Tel: 1-902- 567-7787
  • Halifax Dialysis Program
    Victoria General Hospital
  • Yarmouth Dialysis Program
    Yarmouth Regional Hospital
    Tel: 1-902- 742-3542, extension 1422

How do I arrange for hemodialysis treatments in Nova Scotia?

To arrange hemodialysis during a visit to Nova Scotia contact the unit above closest to where you want to visit. You must provide the fax number for your regular dialysis unit and forms will be faxed to your unit.

Please note: We try to help all visitors, but keep in mind that space may be limited. Treatments for visitors will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

Are there any other options?

You may be able to receive treatments in one of the satellite dialysis units. To learn more, contact the Dialysis Program responsible for the satellite in the area you are interested in.

  • Truro, Springhill, Pictou, Liverpool and Berwick
    Tel: 1-902-473-7544
  • North Sydney, Inverness, Cleveland and Antigonish
    Tel: 1-902- 567-7787

Important Information for International Visitors

All international hemodialysis patients must pay for their treatments before arrival.

Payments should be made at the business office of the Renal Program where you made your request. Below are the contacts to the business offices.

  • Cape Breton Dialysis Program
    Tel: 902-567-6141
  • Halifax Dialysis Program 
    Tel: 902- 473-8475 
  • Yarmouth Dialysis Program
    Tel: 902- 473-8475 ext. 1352