Dartmouth General Hospital: Redevelopment service impacts (Updated Feb. 25, 2020)

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Renovations at Dartmouth General Hospital are impacting the locations of some services. Check back here for updates on the impact of the renovations.​

Access changes
  • A section of sidewalk east of the hospital’s main entrance up to the Acadia Street parking lot will be closed as of March 9 through until spring to account for outside renovations to the hospital’s dialysis unit. Patients, public and staff will not be able to use this section of sidewalk during construction. 
     During this time, patients, public and staff arriving at the hospital from the Acadia Street parking lot will need to use the marked pathway through the hospitals main parking lot. Please follow the outdoor signage that notes this change.
  • A small section of hallway located directly behind the main lobby elevators, will be closed as of February 17 to account for continued DI phase 1 renovations. Patients, public and staff will not have access to this area during construction. During this time, patients, public and staff travelling to the Neville J. Gilfoy new addition from day surgery, DI, emergency, and the operating rooms will need to travel back through the main lobby and follow the blue arrows to the atrium to access the new addition. Please see the map for wayfinding information to account for this minor change. Please note, it is only a small section of the hallway directly behind the main lobby elevators that is affected. The main DI corridor will continue to be used for two way traffic to/from day surgery, emergency, and the operating rooms. 
  • ​Outpatient appointments, including endoscopy and cardiac investigations, will now take place within the new outpatient clinic space located on the third level of the new expansion. You can access this area through the main entrance. 
  • Please note this change does not impact our internal medicine clinics (including pace-marker, cardiology and palliative care) they will remain in their current location on the main level.  

Parking changes

  • Parking renovations within the hospital’s main lot is complete. There is additional overflow parking at 10 Acadia Street. Both lots can be accessed through entering the main ring road entrance and following the directional signs to access these spaces.  
  • All parking proceeds support the DGH Foundation’s work to help fund priority medical equipment to enhance patient care.

Temporary change in hours for walk-in x-ray services

  • Hours for general walk-in x-ray services at Dartmouth General Hospital will be temporarily changed beginning Jan. 6, 2020.
  • Hours as of January 6, 2020 until otherwise noted will be: Monday to Friday, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • This change is only for patients receiving general walk in x-rays. Those patients with scheduled appointments, or who are receiving a CT scan, ultrasound, or bone density x-ray are not affected.
  • This temporary change is to accommodate Phase 1 renovations of the diagnostic imaging department. Once renovations are complete, the department will have three newly-renovated general imaging rooms, one new x-ray unit, three new ultrasound rooms, a new waiting area and registration area. 
  • Regular walk in hours are expected to resume by July 2020.  
Upcoming renovations
  •  Addition of 48 beds on the fifth floor
  • Enhanced pharmacy department 
  • Expansion of the dialysis unit
  • Enhanced diagnostic imaging services


Room changes

  • Social Work, is now in room 1512
  • Palliative Care is now in room 2200
  • Chapel Place of Prayer/Meditation is now in room 2132
  • Gift Shop is now in room 1005
  • Patient Representative (Patient Relations) is now in room 2122
  • Business Office is now in room 2123
  • Dietician is now in room 1911
  • Geriatric Care Office is now in room 1511

You can learn more about the QEII New Generation project here.

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