Dartmouth lawyer surprises health care workers with COVID-19 pins celebrating vaccination and inspiring hope

COVID-19 pins celebrating vaccination and inspiring hope (contributed)

A few months ago, Dartmouth lawyer Martin Jones designed COVID-19 medals to give to his family as a reminder of the hope and inspiration that lies ahead as vaccines roll out in Nova Scotia. 

To bring his button design to life, Jones reached out to The Button People at the Dartmouth Adult Services Centre (DASC).

“Mike Vavra at DASC did a great job on the layout of my ideas,” said Jones. “DASC does a fantastic job in Dartmouth supporting adults with an intellectual disability and I wanted to support their good work by giving them some business making the pins.”

The pins are based on two themes. 

The most important part of the leaf is the stem and Jones replaced that with a “V” for “vaccines and victory” based on the WWII victory nickel and a vaccine needle. Just like the stem that connects the leaf to the tree, vaccines will help us all reconnect again. 

Additionally, some pins have the Nova Scotia tartan as well. 

“I wore a pin to the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic and a couple of workers commented on it,” he said. “I was so impressed with the work they were doing there that I dropped off 60 pins to the clinic a few days later as a thank you for their help fighting COVID-19.”

Hannah Markham is a nurse consult at the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic and was the one to receive the pins from Jones. 

“His kindness went a long way,” she said. “He connected victory and vaccination with the message of being one step closer to being together again with the ones we love.” 

DASC is selling the pins as a fundraiser. Pins are six for $10 and contactless pickup is available. Email sales@dasc-ns.ca