Dr. M.A. Mian Awards Presented During Annual Living with Mental Illness and Addiction Conference in Sydney

Jean Ann Attwood-Ryan, outreach worker and the Opioid Recovery Program received the Dr. M.A. Mian awards at the 2017 Living with Mental Illness and Addiction Conference for the impact they have had on the lives of people living with mental illness and addiction.

Attwood-Ryan is an outreach worker with the Opioid Recovery Program. She is committed, client centered and abundantly patient. Attwood-Ryan goes above and beyond to treat every person with respect, dignity and compassion. She is giving, self-less and non-judgmental in her work which makes her clients feel they are getting the best possible care. This award recognizes her hard work, commitment and passion.

The Opioid Recovery Program (ORP) was launched as a pilot project in 2004. It offered 14 individuals access to methadone treatment. Since then, the ORP team has grown from two physicians and one registered nurse, to over 20 staff and six primary care physicians. This multi-disciplinary and collaborative team coordinates care with over 30 community pharmacies and offers services to more than 550 clients from four clinic sites. It is the dedication and passion from program staff that has impacted people’s lives. At a time when one feels most hopeless, many supports no longer exist and relationships with family, friends and the health care system are fatigued and strained, the ORP team goes above and beyond every day to support, advocate and promote health; and support each individual in their journey toward recovery.

The Dr. M.A. Mian Awards were established in 2007 to honour the memory of Dr. M.A. Mian who was dedicated to improving the lives of people living with mental illness. Dr. Mian’s vision was to change the focus from inpatient, institutionalized treatment to outpatient, community-based treatment and support for clients. He began his practice in 1964 and continued working until his death in February 2006.


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