Mental Health and Addictions launches online tool with help from QEII Foundation and RBC Foundation

Mental Health and Addictions, Nova Scotia Health Authority has accelerated the launch of another online mental health tool for Nova Scotians called TAO (Therapy Assistance Online).
TAO Self-Help is a free and private online resource that is available to all adults in Nova Scotia. It includes interactive activities and videos for people experiencing challenges with mental health or substance use. People have the option to choose topics to explore and go at their own pace. 
 By watching videos and engaging in interactive components, people gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills to achieve goals. Some of the skills TAO focuses on are:
  • stress management, 
  • mindfulness, 
  • problem solving, and 
  • strategies to avoid dwelling on your concerns and develop more helpful thinking patterns.

For more information, or to sign up for TAO please visit: 

This online tool is made possible, in part, by QEII Foundation donors, including RBC Foundation. RBC Foundation’s visionary support has directly enabled the immediate launch of this program throughout Nova Scotia – helping to provide mental health resources during a critical time.
Release Quotes:
  • “Now more than ever, the need for e-Mental health services and virtual care options is paramount,” says Bill Bean, President and CEO of the QEII Foundation. “Thanks to RBC Foundation, the introduction of this online mental health tool will help many Nova Scotians access support when and where they need it.”
  • “Technology-based programs like TAO help bridge the gap between supply and demand of mental well-being care services in Nova Scotia, especially for young people and for our rural communities,” says Chris Ronald, Regional President, RBC, Atlantic Canada. “And while providing access for mental health services is always important, the need has never been greater than it is today as we deal with the repercussions of COVID-19. We are extremely proud to partner with the QEII Foundation on this integral project.”
  • “Mental Health and Addictions is committed to ensuring that our communities are receiving the care and support they need during this time of unprecedented change,” says, Sam Hodder, Senior Director, NSHA Mental Health and Addictions Program. “We are thankful for this partnership with the QEII Foundation and RBC Foundation that enables us to offer this online mental wellness tool for our patients, families, staff, clinicians, and physicians. You have helped to create a bright spot at a time when people are experiencing significant uncertainty and change in every area of their lives. TAO is easy to use, effective, and confidential.

To access our online mental health tools, please visit: 

Provincial media line: 1-844-483-3344