Name change of new facility reflects the future of health care in Pugwash

To represent a step towards the future, the new health care facility currently under construction in Pugwash will be named the North Cumberland Health Care Centre – rather than memorial hospital.

The new name was brought forward and supported by the local leadership and clinical teams, Nova Scotia Health Board and CEO and the North Cumberland Community Health Foundation.

Retired family physician, Dr. Brian McFarlane co-chairs the clinical planning committee. He says the new name supports the model of health care that will be provided in the new facility.

“The change reflects the current needs of the community and aligns with other health care redevelopment projects across the province. It would provide flexibility to adapt to community needs, represent a step towards the future and promotes a focus on health and wellness, rather than illness,” he says.

Recognizing the history of North Cumberland Memorial Hospital is important to its staff and physicians as well as the community. The redevelopment project team will work with the foundation and community to develop a plan to honour that history as part of the new facility.

“The current hospital served the community well and there’s much history that needs to be celebrated,” says Bethany McCormick, vice president of operations, Northern Zone. “The North Cumberland Health Care Centre represents new opportunities, new technologies and new ways of delivering health care locally.”

The new modern facility has been designed with the future in mind. It will provide collaborative space for the services housed in the current hospital and in the primary care clinic next door. Doctor and nurse practitioner offices will be connected through common reception areas with hospital-based services including urgent care, x-ray, laboratory and observation/short-stay patient care beds.

Construction of the new North Cumberland Health Care Centre is expected to be complete in the winter of 2022-2023.