New online form for recovery letter requests

Nova Scotians are still advised to avoid unnecessary travel. However, if you must travel, it is critical that you research the requirements of your destination country, and those for returning home to Canada. Many countries have different requirements for entry.

If you tested positive for COVID-19 in Nova Scotia and you need documentation for travel, then you can now request a recovery letter through a new online form. This is not an official public health record; it is based on your self-reported information. We cannot guarantee it will be accepted by the country to which you are traveling but it is the only letter that we can provide. Nova Scotians cannot request additional COVID-19 documentation from Public Health.

Some jurisdictions, including Canada, will not accept a recovery letter and are requiring proof of a positive PCR test result instead.

Many people who tested positive on a PCR test in Nova Scotia already have an email notification of their result. Alternatively, if your PCR test was after December 22, 2021, the result will be available for 90 days on the Nova Scotia Health portal for PCR results.

If you tested positive with a rapid test, you can get a recovery letter based on your self-reported information through the online request form. However, no official public health record or proof can be provided for a rapid test result.

If you tested positive outside of Nova Scotia, you will need to contact public health in the province, territory or country where you tested positive.

Nova Scotia Health is not responsible for COVID-19 testing and documentation for travel purposes. It is critical to maintain all documentation around your COVID-19 diagnosis going forward, as there could be wait times and charges for copies of this information in the future.

Please remember that if a travel destination or someone else requires a negative test result, you can contact a private company for information about their testing services. Nova Scotia Health does not provide testing for this purpose.

It is important to remember that once recovered from COVID-19, you can still test positive for up to three months (90 days). We do not recommend testing within this timeframe.

Employers should not be requiring recovery letters for employees to return to work. Nova Scotia is not providing letters for this purpose.