Nova Scotia Health and Emergency Health Services reminds festival goers to enjoy events safely

Nova Scotia Health and Emergency Health Services are reminding participants of this weekend’s Halifax Pride to enjoy the event with safety in mind.

Our emergency departments typically see an increase in visits when larger public gatherings take place. In the summer, heat related emergencies are more common.

Our teams are working to prepare accordingly, however the potential for a spike in emergency department (ED) visits is particularly concerning this summer due to the recent high volume of ED visits and ongoing staffing pressures.

For example, the QEII Health Sciences Centre is preparing for a possible surge in visits by setting up an additional cooling space and an overflow emergency area staffed by Nova Scotia Health paramedics.

Nova Scotia Health and EHS encourage anyone attending Halifax Pride and other events to remain diligent with ongoing, provincial COVID-19 precautions and other safety measures such as staying hydrated, seeking shade and responsible drug and alcohol use.

We want to see everyone enjoying these festivities safely while also doing their part to avoid unnecessary added pressures on our health care system.