NSHA apologizes for letter to Cumberland County Mental Health and Addictions clients

We at Nova Scotia Health Authority apologize for the nature of a letter sent to some clients of Mental Health and Addictions in Cumberland County. We regret the tone of the letter and any confusion or concern it caused. It was neither helpful nor compassionate to the people we are trying to help.

NSHA’s adult outpatient mental health and addictions team in Cumberland County booked almost 7,000 appointments in 2015-16. Just over 10 per cent of the time, clients did not show up for appointments. Contacting those waiting for care to confirm their status is an effort to ensure available services can be offered to those who need them most. At the time the most recent letters were mailed, there were 170 names on the wait list for individual therapy.

Provincially, Mental Health and Addictions is in the midst of health services planning to look at services, practices and populations across Nova Scotia and evidence from around the world in an effort to better match our resources to the needs of communities. This will lead to improved access to more effective care for Nova Scotians.

Dr. Linda Courey,
Senior Director, Mental Health and Addictions
Nova Scotia Health Authority