Our people in profile: David Kersey, strategic revenue leader, believes the new online payment option ‘shrinks the world and brings us closer together’

David Kersey, strategic revenue leader at Nova Scotia Health (contributed)
David Kersey, strategic revenue leader at Nova Scotia Health (contributed)

Prior to retiring in 2018, David Kersey finished the last twelve years of his career in finance in Nova Scotia’s health system. He began his career as a manager in accounts receivable and eventually became a senior manager of business development.

Kersey was enjoying retired life with his family and dog, playing golf, creating a new BBQ sauce to go on whatever was coming off his backyard smoker, trying to bake a perfect loaf of sourdough bread and spending lots of time at the cottage.

However, in January 2021 Kersey decided to return to Nova Scotia Health part-time as a strategic revenue leader.

“I came back to Nova Scotia Health to help support a project focused on patients from out-of-country,” said Kersey. “This work was already underway, but one aspect really caught my attention, someone to oversee the development of the online payment portal.”

Kersey, who had written his master’s thesis on implementing online payment abilities, quickly put his hand up to lead this work.

Kersey and a team from Nova Scotia Digital Services (NSDS), IT, accounts receivable and revenue came together to make the platform a reality.

“In Canada, health care is universal, however there are a lot of things that can pop up through someone’s health care journey and sometimes they need to pay for it,” said Kersey. “If we make the payment process easier for the patient at the end of the day, it's just a better experience.”

In the past, patients could pay their bill in-person at the business office located within the hospital, via telephone with their credit card or mail a cheque.

The new payment portal allows patients to pay their bill online from anywhere in the world.

“It's just an internet transaction,” explained Kersey. “All you need to do is access the portal, enter your credit card information and your invoice number and you're done. It's quick, it's simple and it's efficient.”

Derek Spinney, vice president corporate services and chief financial officer said that this initiative is an example of how Nova Scotia Health is digitalizing the health system.

“Having robust digital solutions is a priority of the health system transformation as outlined in the Action for Health plan,” said Spinney. “Enhancing our digital offerings creates an efficient, modern, and more equitable health care system. This supports us in providing quality care for patients and improving patient experience.”

Out-of-country patients receive invoices for their health care services if they do not have insurance. This option makes it easier for people who may have returned to their home country to pay their bill without having to go to their financial institution and convert funds.

“The online payment portal is a convenient way for patients to pay their bill,” said Kersey. “In addition, it gives patients an easier opportunity to contact us if they have a billing issues or questions. The online experience just shrinks the world and brings us closer together.”