Our People in Profile: Public Health nurse Frances DeCourcy-Chiasson says accurate information key to making informed decision about immunization

Public Health nurse Frances DeCourcy-Chiasson (NSHA).
Frances works in Health Protection with Public Health team based in Sydney, Cape Breton (NSHA).

Frances DeCourcy-Chiasson has spent more than 34 years as a registered nurse, including two decades working in public health. 

Through the years she has witnessed many positive changes and innovations in health care. Within the Public Health office, her primary focus is helping to protect and improve the health of people and their communities. This includes promoting healthy lifestyles, researching diseases, as well as detecting, preventing and responding to infectious diseases. Public Health also works to limit health disparities and dispel myths.

“When we get questions from a client, whether it’s an adult or child, about immunizations, and they seem hesitant, we’ll chat about where their hesitancy is coming from,” says DeCourcy-Chiasson, who currently works out of NSHA's Public Health office in Sydney. “Often times it goes back to inaccurate information that they’ve heard from someone or seen online or in the media.”

In the swirl of information out there, Decourcy-Chiasson relies on some solid sources that she encourages people to check out if they have questions, such as Immunize Canada , Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Paediatric Society and the World Health Organization (WHO)

“We really are here to help and happy to have a conversation – it’s important that people feel comfortable asking questions so that they can make informed decisions,” she notes. “The benefits of immunization are worth it.” 

If you have questions about immunizations, speak with your health care provider or pharmacist, call 811 or your local Public Health office