Patients can better prepare for and recover from surgery, thanks to Nova Scotia Health partnership with SeamlessMD

SeamlessMD app.
SeamlessMD app.

HALIFAX, N.S. – Nova Scotia Health is announcing the launch of the SeamlessMD Digital Care Journey app for remote monitoring of gynecology oncology patient progress, which automatically collects patient-reported outcomes to detect problems earlier and assists in patient recovery.

Along with gynecology oncology patients, Nova Scotia Health implemented SeamlessMD for bariatric and colorectal care patients in August 2022. Since then, the SeamlessMD platform has enabled Nova Scotia Health to engage, monitor, and stay connected with patients throughout their health care journey.

Patients can access digital care plans on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, which guide patients’ pre and post-care with reminders, to-do lists, videos and evidence-based education. This approach helps patients stay on track with Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols, an evidence-based approach to preparation and recovery that Nova Scotia Health providers use to help patients to their best possible recovery. Nova Scotia Health’s clinical teams can also receive alerts, monitor patients, and access analytics to provide patients with a safety net after hospital discharge.

“The SeamlessMD app is an excellent addition to our program's existing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program," said Dr. Lana Saciragic, gynecologic oncologist at Nova Scotia Health.

The app can relay information in small, digestible bites at any time the patient is looking for it and it provides patients with crucial information before and after their surgery. “It's an important part of allowing patients to go home earlier, feeling better," Saciragic said. "Knowing that we can stay engaged and connected, it optimizes the experience for the patient and care teams".

Validated by more than 35 clinical studies and evaluations across multiple specialties to improve patient outcomes by helping them to recover faster and reduce costs, the platform has automated feedback for patient self-management. Not only does this elevate the patient experience, but it also improves patient safety and reduces anxiety.

One of the platform’s main benefits is allowing patients to return home earlier. This frees up hospital beds and reduces the need to cancel procedures due to a lack of beds. It also increases the percentage of outpatient cases that can be performed, leading to a more efficient booking of operating room days and positively influencing the surgical waiting list.

"This technology will reduce surgical wait times to offer Nova Scotians better access to health care, allow patients to go home faster, and continue to care remotely during their recovery," said Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Vice-President of Research, Innovation and Discovery and Chief Nurse Executive at Nova Scotia Health. "Through the SeamlessMD platform, we are continuing to evolve our culture of innovation and supporting our physicians and health care teams to deliver better care, faster."

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nova Scotia Health to drive health care innovation in Atlantic Canada and support their focus on making health care better in Nova Scotia,” said Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO and co-founder at SeamlessMD. “This collaboration showcases our dedication to supporting health care organizations as they prioritize the use of technology to optimize quality of care, empower patients to become active participants in their care, and deliver better health care outcomes.”

Dr. Richard T. Spence, surgical oncologist at Nova Scotia Health, said the SeamlessMD application gives patients a virtual companion to both help them prepare for and recover from surgery.

“This application is very complementary in the context of striving for more enhanced recovery programs and same-day surgeries. This is particularly important given the current health care crisis. Furthermore, by engaging our patients with such an application, we can measure patient-reported outcomes and quality of care.”


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