People in Profile: Karen Mumford

Karen Mumford Senior Director, QEII Redevelopment Project
Karen Mumford, Senior Director, QEII Redevelopment Project

Get to know the individuals who are shaping the future of health care in Nova Scotia through their work on the QEII Redevelopment Project.

Karen Mumford
Senior Director, QEII Redevelopment Project

Why is the Redevelopment Project important to you?
This initiative provides a wonderful opportunity to for us to plan care for the patients and families we serve today, and will serve in the future. 

What’s the most exciting part of working on this project?
Having the opportunity to work with a great team and be part of conversations that will help change and improve care delivery. 

What’s your favorite food?
Anyone who knows me well knows my passion for chocolate!

What do you like to do when you’re outside of the office?
My weekends and other times away from the office are spent with family and friends at our cottage. Whether it is swimming in the lake, boating, being in the garden or sharing a glass of wine with friends and family it is my favorite place to be.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?
I love escaping to the sunny south and am looking forward to our first cruise next February.

Why do you choose to work in health care? 
I feel very privileged to be a nurse and be part of the health care system in Nova Scotia for over 30 years. Whether as a staff nurse or in more formal health care leadership positions, the opportunity to try and make a difference for patients and their families, often in their most vulnerable times, is very important to me.